Fleet Management

coco8 is a web-based print fleet management solution designed in a modular way supporting any member of the team, technical as well commercially. It is a multi platform that allows you to view and manage all your different print devices from one place.


For supplies managers. Everything you need for print and supplies management including powerful analytics and CO2 tracking to the lowest cost in the industry. Start with Essentials and from here add the desired modules on a customer level.


For contract managers. Track costs accurately including contract management, TCO reporting and trends showing true behaviour making it possible to document costs and trends with ease.


For the Sales team. Get access to TCO simulations, powerful analytics, reports and features designed to boost any sales team.


For the sales manager. Understand business progress including partner channel overview and trends tracking. Fast and efficient to get up to date.


For the data protection officer. Are your printed documents handled in a GDPR Compliant way? Track printed documents and enforce compliance with ease.