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We are a local crew of connectivity professionals with a mission to empower our clients to work smarter and faster. We offer a suite of workplace solutions that include Managed Print Services, Print Fleet Management, IT Support Services and Managed Document Services.

Empowering companies to work smarter and faster.

Using our technology solutions to create a more satisfying, meaningful and productive work environment for the world.

Bigger & Better

With the increasing importance of connectivity in any modern organization, Grey Sale has evolved into technology consultation and implementation. We believe that an efficient work environment is ever dependant on connectivity and integration between various work processes, allowing them to be the living heart that beats in unison with the entire organization.

Our Distinction

Clients Testimonials

“We have been with Grey Scale from the start. We are happy with their friendly and professional service”

Ms Thalia, The Great Room
“Grey Scale manages our printer to all our locations islandwide. They know their printers.”
Mr Mark Chin, Homekeeper
“Friendly and Reliable”

Mr Mak, Chartered Survey Services Consultants