Greater transparency and predictability
on how your company spends on printing.

  • What can Managed Document Services do for you?

    Managed Document Services (MDS) aims to optimize your document workflow process through automation solution to assist in capturing and archiving of data. MDS also analyse how you can improve your document workflow environment taking into account of compliance, security and environmental impact.
    Through Grey Scale’s implementation of MDS, you can expect to streamline your data workflow, reduce your supporting departments’ workload and also cut the environmental impact of your documentation needs.

  • Why choose our Managed Document Services?

    Grey Scale Managed Document Services is the perfect solution for a more productive, environmentally-friendly, document workflow environment. From off the shelf solutions to cater to our small business customers to customizable solutions for large enterprise needs, Grey Scale aims to be your partner in a better work environment.

    Our offering includes:
    • ERP Solution, Mobile App development
    • Website Development
    • Internet Connectivity
    • IT Equipment & Peripherals

  • Our Managed Document Services

    Document Management Solutions:
    • Workflow Solutions – Automated routing of files to desired locations
    • Cloud Solutions – Giving organizations mobility and versatility
    • User Management – Ensure document visibility, security and tracking
    • Usage Tracking – Visibility on user behavior for proactive monitoring

    • Customized solutions tailored for specific industries
    • Organization usage behavioral analysis
    • Departmental / Case charge-back solution
    • Outsourced manpower for data digitalization, mailing services